About Me - Dena Koenig

Photography has always been a huge part of my life.  I come from a line of photographers, influenced most by my maternal grandfather.  As a teenager, my grandfather taught me the importance of documenting life through beautiful images, as well as how families and communities can be strengthened when relationships are captured in still life portraits.  Now, as a mother of five, I continually see the need to freeze life where it is, as my children grow and change every day.  Their childhood grins are now being replaced by more mature smiles, and I am so thankful that I can look back through the images I have taken and relive many points in time.

My goal as a photographer is to preserve all phases of life from newborn to mature seniors by providing my clients with beautiful, high quality portraits.  My sessions are completely customized based on my clients' needs and desires.  I work hard to bring out the true personalities of the individuals I photograph so the little nuances in their expressions and body language can be felt.  For family portraits, I aim to highlight the relationship of the group.

I will provide you with many beautiful images from your session, but I will not be satisfied until I capture that one photo which speaks to your heart and becomes something you treasure for a lifetime.

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